IAQ - Related Topics


Office Building Environments
  • Ventilation and Air Quality in Offices, click HERE
  • Guidance for Office building occupants, click HERE
  • Guidance for Office Buildings and Large Buildings in general, click HERE
  • Sick Buildings - find a fact sheet HERE
  • Guidance for Building Owners and Facility Managers, click HERE
  • Additional guidance for Building and Facility Managers, click HERE

Building and Remodeling
  • NIOSH Alert: Preventing Occupational Respiratory Disease from Exposures Caused by Dampness in Office Buildings, Schools, and Other Nonindustrial Buildings, click HERE
  • Indoor airPLUS: EPA's program site with guidance and building specifications for good indoor home planning and construction, click HERE.
  • Protecting your home, click HERE
  • Remodeling: Areas of your house to consider, click HERE
  • Remodeling Best Practices, click HERE
  • "Home Owner's Inspection Checklist" (for when purchasing a home), click HERE

Flood Cleanup
  • An EPA booklet on flood cleanup in your home, click HERE

Legal Matters
For legal advice and assistance, call the Mississippi Bar at 1-800-682-6423 to get a referral to an attorney that can handle your specific case.
  • How to Request Your Landlord to Make Repairs Under the Mississippi Residential Landlord Act, pdf
  • For additional information and services from Mississippi Legal Services on Housing Issues, click HERE