enSite (electronic Environmental Site Information System)

In October 2000, MDEQ's Office of Pollution Control (OPC) implemented its One Stop Integrated Information Management System, enSite (electronic Environmental Site Information System). enSite is based on the concept that there are certain activities that are performed by all media regulatory programs. Thus enSite is designed with a set of "core" functionality that focuses on a set of common activities related to OPC regulatory responsibilities: compliance assurance, permitting, activity tracking, and maintenance of a single agency interest-link to definition master file. enSite also recognizes that each regulatory program has activities that are unique to each program. Program-specific "plug-ins" support functionality that is unique to regulatory programs.

MDEQ's approach to data integration is to not reinvent the wheel. Building upon successes of other states such as Minnesota and New Jersey, and enhancing and modifying these successes to meet Mississippi's specific needs, MDEQ's results are a cost-effective means to successful implementation of environmental information management.

MDEQ continues to leverage successful data integration in other states. The enSite system, which was the first version of TEMPOŽ developed with multiple states in mind, is currently in use in New Mexico, Kentucky, and soon in Tennessee. By sharing the same baseline product, these states are able to share enhancements that improve both system functionality and enhance management of environmental information across the states. For more information on enSite, please contact the enSite Project Manager.