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Mission Statement Library Policy & Hours

The mission of the MDEQ Library is to support the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality by providing information services that enable the organization to fulfill its mission. The library will serve as a central knowledge and research repository for MDEQ staff. The library will also strive to provide a suitable environment and appropriate resources to serve the research and information needs of all MDEQ employees.

The MDEQ Library provides bibliographic research tools for MDEQ staff to assist them in their research. The MDEQ librarian provides training on library resources and assistance with research for MDEQ staff as needed.

It is the responsibility of the library and librarian to take reasonable steps to safeguard the collection from theft, damage, and deterioration, and to ensure access to needed information.

In order to insure effective and timely delivery of information requested by MDEQ staff, it may be necessary for the librarian to prioritize or limit any additional research tasks or requests for information that may arise during the course of any specific concurrent research task.

Reasonable efforts are taken when assisting public users to avoid liability through damage from physical factors in the library or from information which may be outdated, incomplete, or incorrect.
General Public

The MDEQ Library's primary function is to serve the staff and employees of the agency, however, the MDEQ Library does permit limited access to its materials as a courtesy to the general public. MDEQ Library materials are available for checkout to the public only through cooperative interlibrary loan. This service is available through all public and academic libraries.

Audio / Visual equipment is not available for checkout to the general public.

The public is permitted in-house reference use of library materials.

In order to maintain security for our invaluable library collection, the library will be closed to the public when the librarian is away from the library.

Under certain circumstances the library may be available to the public outside regular public use hours. Contact the librarian at 961-5024 to schedule a time for public use of the library during non-public hours.

Public use hours : Monday - Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Library Collections

Archived Periodicals

Current Periodicals

Federal Depository Map Collection

International Geological Publications (under construction)

Mississippi Reports and Publications (under construction)

Nuclear Waste Reference Collection

Topographic Quadrangle Maps of Surrounding States

United States Government Reports

Video and Audio Tapes