Mississippi is a state blessed with the soils and climate that provide for good forest growth. Mississippi's total land area is approximatly 30 million acres. Of that, 18.6 million (62%) acres are forested.
Forestry provides a substantial part of Mississippi's economy. Forests also provide environmental, aesthetic, social, and health benefits. Therefore it is important that our forests are well managed and that forestry operations are conducted using Best Management Practices (BMPs).
Nearly 2 million acres (ten percent) of Mississippi forests are publicly owned. Of the remainder, 11 million acres are owned by individuals and 4 million acres are owned by corporations.

Forestry activities are not a major contributor of polluted run-off in the State, but poorly managed sites do create severe, localized, impact on receiving waters.

Although the use of forestry BMPs is voluntary in Mississippi, MDEQ does handle all investigation of, and enforcement against, loggers who negatively impact state waters and degrade water quality because of their operations.
The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC), in cooperation with the Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA) and Mississippi State University (MSU), have taken a leadership role in the development and promotion of the forestry industry Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Mississippi.