Junk Mail FAQs

Junk Mail

What can I do to reduce the amount of Junk mail coming to my house?

Junk mail or as properly referred to by the U.S. Post Office "Business Bulk Mail" (BBM) is a big issue among many people. The amount of "Junk Mail" is going to continue to rise in the coming years and will find its way to consumers homes unless some action is taken to slow or reduce what is being sent. The Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Program has developed a very good brochure and other additional materials for the public to use in order to reduce "Junk Mail." The material found in this website, if fully used, should reduce "Junk Mail" by up to 80%. Click here on Junk Mail Reduction to view information on how to reduce "Junk Mail" and download pre-prepared materials that will help eliminate or reduce "Junk Mail." This "Junk Mail" reduction material really does work!!