Laser & Inkjet Printer Cartridge FAQs

Laser & Ink-jet Printer Cartridges

What can I do with laser printer and ink-jet printer cartridges from home or office?

Click here on Cartridge Recyclers to view a list of laser printer and ink-jet printer cartridge recyclers that can be used by residents, schools, governments or businesses in Mississippi. There are several organizations and companies that recycle laser printer and ink-jet printer cartridges. In some cases, these companies will pay for cartridges. Some of these organizations will provide for the cost of shipping of cartridges to their facilities and in some cases provide for containers in which the cartridges are shipped.

These organizations and links are provided as a public service to visitors of this website and are not endorsed by the Mississippi Department of Environment Quality. If you would like to be added to this list, please click here.