Used Motor Oil FAQs

Used Motor Oil

How do I properly recycle/dispose of used motor oil and filters?

Used motor oil in quantities of three gallons or less can be taken to Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone or Wal-Mart Supercenter’s Tire & Lube Center. Contact any local quick-lube center to see if they accept small quantities of used motor oil from the public. Some municipal and county governments collect used motor oil from the public at their maintenance shops so check with them as well. Click here on Jackson Metro HHW to view the tri-county household hazardous waste recycling facility servicing the Jackson Metro area. This facility accepts used motor oil from the public. The Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Program maintains a Used Motor Recycling Directory to assist government, businesses, industries and the general public in finding locations to recycle used motor oil and filters. Click here on Recycling Directories to view a listing of locations across the state for recycling used motor oil and oil filters or Earth 911 Network.

Oil filters generally retain about a pint of oil. While the filter is still hot, punch a hole in the dome end and hot-drain the filter for several hours. In addition, punch a hole in the anti-drain valve of the filter, if present, and allow the oil to come out the bottom end of the filter as well. These two measures will generally capture most of the free oil in the filter so that it is completely safe to dispose of in the garbage. Check with local quick-lube centers to see if they accept old oil filters.

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