Coastal Streams Basin Designated Uses

All of the waters within the Coastal Streams Basin not specifically listed below shall be classified as Fish and Wildlife. Basin waters carrying other classifications are:
Back Bay of Biloxi
Popps Ferry BridgeBiloxi BayRecreation
Bangs Lake
HeadwatersMiss. SoundShellfish Harvesting
Bayou Cumbest
HeadwatersMiss. SoundShellfish Harvesting
Big Lake
Bernard BayouPopps Ferry BridgeRecreation
Biloxi Bay
U.S. Hwy 90 Bridge
Miss. SoundShellfish Harvesting
Davis Bayou
HeadwatersBiloxi BayShellfish Harvesting
Graveline Bay
HeadwatersGraveline BayouShellfish Harvesting
Graveline Bayou
Graveline BayMiss. SoundShellfish Harvesting
Jourdan River

Confluence of
Bacon Bayou and
Catahoula Creek
St. Louis BayRecreation
Mallini Bayou
St. Louis BaySt. Louis BayShellfish Harvesting
Miss. Sound
ContiguousMiss. CoastlineRecreation
Old Fort Bayou
Bayou TallaBiloxi BayRecreation
Pass Christian Reef-
off Henderson Point
Miss. SoundShellfish Harvesting
St. Louis Bay
Harrison-Hancock CountiesShellfish Harvesting
Tchoutacabouffa River
HeadwatersBack Bay of BiloxiRecreation
Tuxachanie Creek
HeadwatersTchoutacabouffa RiverRecreation
Wolf River
Ms. Hwy. 26St. Louis BayRecreation