What are the typical permitting procedures and timeframes?

Permitting Procedures and Estimated Timeframes

    1. Pre-Application Meetings
    (This optional step may occur 270 to 30 days before the submittal of a permit application)
    1. Site selection and evaluation.
    2. Application requirements and Performance Pact are established.
    2. Receive Application
    (This officially starts the permitting process.)
    1. The applicant is issued a letter acknowledging receipt of application.(Day 2)
    2. The public is notified monthly via newspaper public notice of all applications received by EPD.(This occurs monthly.) This information is also available from EPD's website.
    3. The application is reviewed for completeness and accuracy.(Day 2 - 45)
    4. All application deficiencies are resolved. (Dependant on Applicant's response)
    5. The applicant is issued a notice of completeness letter. (Day 45)
    3. Draft Permit Preparation
    1. A site inspection is conducted. (Day 45 - 90)
    2. A draft permit is prepared based on the application and any applicable regulations.(Day 45 - 90)
    3. The draft permit is sent to the applicant for comments.(~Day 90)
    4. Public Notice Comment Period
    1. Public Notices are published and invite comments from the public on the proposed permit.(Day 90-120)
    2. Public Notice ends.(Day 150)
    3. All public comments received during the public notice period are evaluated. (Day 150-180)
    5. Permit Decision
    1. The final permit is prepared based on all relevant information obtained during the permitting process. (Day 150-180)
    2. The permit is signed by the Division Chief of EPD.(Day 170-180)
    3. The final permit is transmitted to the facility.(Day 170-180)

What are the estimated timeframes for obtaining the different permit types?

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