Groundwater Investigation & Planning Division

The Office of Land and Water Resource’s Groundwater Investigation & Planning Division conducts hydrologic investigations and evaluations of the groundwater resources that are current or potential sources of water supply throughout the state. Following is a list of some duties performed by division personnel:

  • Conduct field studies such as reconnaissance studies of surface geology; participate in test-hole drilling and aquifer pumping tests; measure static water levels in wells; and collect groundwater samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Analyze and interpret water-level data, water quality data, pumping test data, borehole geophysical logs, sample logs, and cores which are used to construct subsurface hydrogeologic maps and cross-sections, other types of maps, hydrographs, profiles, etc.
  • Draft documents including reports, maps, cross-sections, etc. presenting results and conclusions of groundwater investigations.
  • Furnish requested information on groundwater resources in Mississippi to the public and industrial and agricultural representatives, as well as local, state, and federal officials and agencies as required.

Prevalent hydrologic conditions in certain regions of the state have been identified as areas in which division personnel should focus their attention. These areas of focus include the following:

  • The Delta of northwestern Mississippi;
  • The counties of the Bluff Hills from DeSoto and Marshall Counties southward;
  • The Jackson Metro counties including Yazoo County; and
  • The counties of the southern one-third of the state that are underlain by the Miocene (Grand Gulf) aquifer system.

In these areas, as elsewhere in the state, there is a need for accurate assessment of groundwater resources to allow wise long-range planning and development. In order to better characterize the groundwater resources of Mississippi, a coordinated effort has been initiated between the Groundwater Division of the Office of Land and Water Resources and the Office of Geology to delineate and map aquifers in the subsurface and connect them with the areas in which they receive recharge by constructing geologic cross-sections and conducting surface geologic mapping.


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Groundwater Division's staff: Lyndsey Henley and John Banks .

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