The Surface Water Division (SWD), one of the six divisions of the MDEQ Office of Pollution Control (OPC), leads MDEQ’s water quality protection and restoration initiative. The SWD is responsible for dealing with issues related to the water quality of all intrastate, interstate, and coastal waters. The quality of these waters has a profound effect upon the health and welfare of citizens, wildlife, fish, and aquatic life, as well as domestic, agricultural, industrial, and recreational activities.

In order to effectively protect and restore Mississippi’s surface water resources, the SWD conducts through its branches data collection and assessment; develop water quality models and TMDLs; implement Mississippi’s Basin Management Approach by building effective partnerships with government agencies, non-government organizations and other stakeholders; provide funding assistance and other support; and develop water quality standards. The SWD is comprised of six (6) branches as shown below:


Basin Management Branch

Implements Basin Management Approach to help lead MDEQ's water quality protection and restoration initiative.

Coastal Grants Branch

Administers HUD-Katrina CDBG Disaster Recovery Funds and manages financing/construction of BP funded restoration projects in Mississippi.

Construction Branch

Administers Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Loan Programs for wastewater facilities and nonpoint source pollution control projects.

Modeling and TMDL Branch

Develops water quality models and total maximum daily loads (TMDL) for water bodies not meeting their designated use.

Nonpoint Source Management Branch

Administers both regulatory and non-regulatory programs to help reduce or eliminate polluted runoff that degrades water bodies in Mississippi.

Water Quality Standards Branch

Assigns designated uses to Mississippi’s surface waters and adopts criteria designed to protect those uses.

Priority Framework

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515 E. Amite Street
Jackson, MS 39201
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Office of Pollution Control
Surface Water Division
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