Lead-Based Paint-Definitions

These are commonly used terms when dealing with Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint issues.

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Hide details for AbatementAbatement
Any measure or set of measures designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards.

Hide details for Child-occupied facilityChild-occupied facility
A building or portion of a building constructed prior to 1978, visited regularly by the same child, 6 years of age or under, on at least two different days within any week (Sunday through Saturday period), provided that each day's visit lasts at least 3 hours and the combined weekly visit lasts at least 6 hours, and the combined annual visits last at least 60 hours. Child-occupied facilities may include, but are not limited to, day-care centers, preschools, and kindergarten classrooms.

Hide details for Dust sampling technicianDust sampling technician
An individual employed to perform dust clearance sampling

Hide details for FirmFirm
A company, partnership, corporation, sole proprietorship or individual doing business, association, or other business entity that performs or offers to perform lead-based paint activities. This term also includes a Federal, State, Tribal, or local government agency, or a nonprofit organization that performs or offers to perform lead-based paint activities.

Hide details for InspectorInspector
An individual employed to inspect or reinspect for the presence of lead-based paint, to collect samples for the presence of lead in dust and soil for the purposes of abatement clearance testing and to prepare inspection reports.

Hide details for Interim ControlsInterim Controls
A set of measures designed to temporarily reduce human exposure or likely exposure to lead-based paint hazards, including specialized cleaning, repairs, maintenance, painting, temporary containment, ongoing monitoring of lead-based paint hazards or potential hazards, and the establishment and operation of management and resident education programs.

Hide details for Lead-based paint hazardLead-based paint hazard
Any condition that causes exposure to lead from lead-contaminated dust, lead-contaminated soil, or lead-contaminated paint that is deteriorated or present in accessible surfaces, friction surfaces, or impact surfaces that would result in adverse human health effects as identified by the Department pursuant to the federal Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) section 403.

Hide details for RenovationRenovation
The modification of any existing structure, or portion thereof, that results in the disturbance of painted surfaces, unless that activity is performed as part of an abatement as defined by this regulation.

Hide details for RenovatorRenovator
An individual who either performs or directs workers who perform renovations.

Show details for Risk assessmentRisk assessment

Hide details for Target housingTarget housing
Any housing constructed prior to 1978, except housing for the elderly or persons with disabilities (unless any one or more children age 6 years or under resides or is expected to reside in such housing for the elderly or persons with disabilities).