The Field Services division is the technical and scientific support arm of the Office of Pollution Control. The division consists of:

  • Laboratory facilities in Rankin County
  • Regional Offices in Lafayette, Rankin and Harrison Counties
  • Operator Training and Certification

Regional Offices
There are three regional offices:
  • North
  • Central
  • South
    which provide investigative, logistical and limited analytical support for the major regulatory programs. Regional Office technicians are trained in investigative techniques and evidence gathering.
The Office of Pollution Control (OPC) Laboratory is a full service environmental laboratory, providing the agency with accurate and timely analyses of pollutants.

Operator Training & Certification
The Environmental Training Section has three full-time trainers, one in each regional office. This section provides training to individuals associated with wastewater collection and treatment.

Contact Information
For more information call, 601/961-5293.