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Yazoo Clay: Engineering Aspects and Environmental Geology of an Expansive Clay: Curtis W. Stover, Ross D. Williams, and Charles O. M. Peel, 11 p., 1988. $2.00

A non-technical report about the nature and extent of Yazoo Clay, construction problems, engineering tests, and methods of preventing problems.
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Mineral Producers Directory, 1988: John E. Johnston and S. Cragin Knox, 35 p., 1988. Not available.

The report contains information on the major mineral producers in Mississippi and includes awards for Operator of the Year, Reclamation Project of the Year, and Honorable Mentions for Surface Mining Reclamation. See Open-File Report 65.
Currently available for download

Geologic Mapping in Mississippi: Proceedings of the 1989 MISGEOMAP Conference: Michael B. E. Bograd and David T. Dockery III, editors, 48 p., 1990. $4.00

Contains the conference proceedings and 14 papers about geologic maps and mapping in Mississippi.
Currently available for download

A Guide to the Frankstown Vertebrate Fossil Locality (Upper Cretaceous), Prentiss County, Mississippi: Earl M. Manning and David T. Dockery III, 43 p., 7 figs., 1 table, 12 plates, 1992. $4.00

A discussion and illustration of Cretaceous vertebrates including the teeth of sharks, fish, crocodiles, mosasaurs, and dinosaurs.
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Bibliography of Mississippi Gulf Coast Geology and Related Topics: Stephen M. Oivanki, Michael B. E. Bograd, and Ervin G. Otvos, 34 p., 1993. $4.00

A compilation of the scientific literature about the geology of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the barrier islands, and the Mississippi Sound.
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Windows into Mississippi's Geologic Past: David T. Dockery, 64 p., 1997. $5.00
An educational report on the geologic history of Mississippi, with illustrations by fifth-grader Katie Lightsey. Currently available for download

Rocks And Fossils Found In Mississippi’s Gravel Deposits: David T. Dockery III, James E. Starnes, David E. Thompson, Laura Beiser, 2008. 28 Pages
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