Environmental Geology Series

Mississippi Office of Geology
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Environmental Geology Series

Environmental Geology of the Pocahontas, Clinton, Raymond, and Brownsville Quadrangles, Hinds County, Mississippi: John W. Green and Michael Bograd, 70 p., 56 figs., 51 maps in color, 1973. $5.00 ($3.00 postage and handling each copy)

This atlas-type book contains sections on topography, geology, water resources, public utilities, recreation and transportation, sanitary landfills, and land use.

Environmental Geology of the Madison, Ridgeland, Jackson, and Jackson SE Quadrangles, Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties, Mississippi: John W. Green and Sarah C. Childress, 64 p., 47 figs., 45 maps in color, 1974. Not available

Field work postponed for indefinite period.

Geology and Man in Adams County, Mississippi: Sarah C. Childress, Michael Bograd, and John C. Marble, 188 p., 11 maps in color, 11 charts and diagrams, 14 tables, 8 color plates, and 97 photographs, 1976. Not available

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