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Reports of Investigations

Preliminary Evaluation of Coal and Coalbed Gas Resource Potential of Western Clay County, Mississippi: Kevin S. Henderson and Conrad A. Gazzier, 31 p., 7 plates in pocket, (available with plates 1 & 5 missing) 1989. $5.00

Four coal groups in the Pottsville Formation may contain 5.2 billion tons of coal and one trillion cubic feet of gas. Currently available for download

Cambro-Ordovician Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Black Warrior Basin in Mississippi: Kevin S. Henderson, 51 p., 8 figs., 6 plates in pocket, 1991. $8.00

The 8000 feet of Lower Cambrian to Middle Ordovician sediments in northern Mississippi are differentiated into nine formations. Currently available for download

Electrical Resistivity Values (Rw's) and Chemical Data Determined from Analyses of Produced Formation Waters from Oil and Gas Well Tests in Mississippi: Rick L. Ericksen, 42 p., including 4 tables, chart and 4 plates in pocket, 1995. $15.00

A compilation of data from wildcat test wells and 241 oil, gas-condensate, and gas fields.

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