American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Environmental Programs Associated with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

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Total Nationally: $300 million
        30 percent to states and 70 percent for competitive grants

      Total for MDEQ Air Quality Program: $1.73 million to retrofit diesel school buses in areas where ozone standards are of concern.

      $210 million nationally in Competitive National Grants to support to support Clean Diesel activities. The application closes April 28, 2009. For grants in the Southeast, EPA Region 4 will receive approximately $19 million dollars to use for eligible projects between $500,000 and $2,000,000. The competitive grant is open to regional, state, local, tribal or port agency with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality; and nonprofit organization or institution and should focus on Regional Priories as specified below:

              Regional Green Corridors

              State or regional agriculture irrigation pump/engine improvement programs

              Upgrading/retrofitting nonroad construction equipment

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Hide details for Water Quality Management Planning – Section 604(b) FundsWater Quality Management Planning – Section 604(b) Funds
      Total for Mississippi: $350,000
        To be used for Water Quality Planning and short-term contracts to improve the infrastructure of Surface Water Program
        1. Grant applications due within 30 days after funds are available for appropriation.
        2. EPA expects to states to commit funds within six months.
        3. EPA will require that 100% of these funds be expended within 30 months of enactment.

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