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The Electronics Waste Program is an informational program maintained by the Solid Waste Policy, Planning, and Grants Branch of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). One of the main goals of the program is to educate the residents, businesses, organizations, local governments, and State agencies on the proper management of obsolete or end-of-life electronics. Electronic scrap is one of the fastest growing segments of solid waste generated in the United States - fueled, in part, by the speed at which electronics become obsolete. However, the number of electronic devices entering the waste stream is not as high as the rate at which electronic devices are being purchased due to people collecting and stockpiling old electronics. Some of the most common reasons people stockpile old electronics are personal data and lack of responsible management options.

Obsolete or end-of-life electronics are often referred to as "electronic scrap", "scrap electronics", or simply "e-scrap" on this web page. You may commonly also hear and see others using terms such as "electronic waste" or "e-waste." MDEQ discourage the use of these last two terms since they emphasize disposal of electronics which sounds like landfilling them instead of the actual recycling process which is typical of proper e-scrap management.

Section 49-2-101 et. seq. ("Certified Electronics Recycling Law") of the Mississippi Code Annotated requires:

  • MDEQ to maintain a list of Certified Recyclers
  • MDEQ to promote certification of electronic scrap recyclers; and
  • Requires State Agencies to use certified recyclers on the list maintained by MDEQ when disposing of electronic items.

In the sections below, you may find more information on certification as well as two electronic recycling directories maintained by MDEQ.

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An increasing number of states have passed legislation addressing the management and recycling of electronics wastes. In the 2008-2009 session, the Mississippi Legislature passed SB 2796 requiring an advisory committee of various State agencies to review the issues, regulations, and possible solutions to the management of end-of-life electronics for State agencies and local governments. The full text of this report may be found by clicking here. In the 2013 session, the Mississippi Legislature passed SB 2754 (now Section 49-2-101 et seq. of the Miss. Code Annotated) requiring all State agencies to use certified electronics recyclers when disposing of electronic assets. Addtionally, MDEQ is to maintain a list of the certified recyclers that state agencies may use. The requirements of this law go into effect July 1, 2014.

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