South Independent Streams Basin Total Maximum Daily Load Reports

The following TMDL reports were completed and approved in the designated year. The TMDL reports can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking on the water body name in the table, or the TMDL reports are available in a hard copy form and on cd and can be ordered by submitting a request to the Freedom of Information Officer.

Waterbody NamePollutant of ConcernFinal Approval Date
Amite River, East and West Forks
PathogensDecember 5, 2003
Bayou Pierre
PathogensDecember 15, 1999
Bayou Pierre
PathogensDecember 23, 2010
Bolls Creek
PathogensMay 14, 2010
Coles CreekOrganic Enrichment / Low DO and NutrientsJune 29, 2009
Coles Creek
PesticidesJanuary 4, 2007
Comite CreekPathogensDecember 18, 2008
Dowd CreekPathogensDecember 18, 2008
Homochitto River
PathogensDecember 15, 1999
Little Tangipahoa River
Organic Enrichment / Low DO and Ammonia NitrogenJune 28, 2004
Old Saint Catherine CreekOrganic Enrichment / Low DO and NutrientsJune 22, 2009
Old Saint Catherine Creek
PesticidesJanuary 4, 2007
unnamed trib to Oxbow Lake west of the Mississippi River
PesticidesJanuary 4, 2007
South Independent Streams BasinSedimentMarch 25, 2009
Tangipahoa River
PathogensDecember 15, 1999