The Office of Geology is the component of the Department of Environmental Quality responsible for:

  • research into the surface and subsurface geology, paleontology, and mineral resources of Mississippi;
  • regulating the permitting of mines and the reclamation of surface-mined land; and
  • administering the Mississippi Digital Earth Model (MDEM).

The geological knowledge collected is applied directly to the benefit of the people and economy of the state through the publication and distribution of maps and reports to a wide range of users. Geology is the basis of the environment. Information collected by Office of Geology research into Mississippi’s geology is vital to nearly every area of Department of Environmental Quality responsibility.


The Office of Geology in September 2004 released for sale one new geologic map in the Open-File Reports series.

OF151. State of Mississippi Lease Blocks: prepared by Barbara Yassin, September, 2004. $10.00 ($5.00 postage rolled or $2.00 folded.)

Surface Geochemical Survey

The Office of Geology has completed a Web page detailing the recently completed Surface Geochemical Survey of Mississippi. The geochemical survey, a joint project with the U.S. Geological Survey, determined values statewide for numerous chemical elements associated with stream sediment and soil. This page features background for the project, data results, and atlas maps. Click here to access the Mississippi Geochemical Survey.

Work Areas

Mining and Reclamation
Environmental Geology
Regulates all surface mines in the stateConducts research into environmental and ground-water geology, and archives geological data collected by the geophysical logging and drilling programs.

Surface Geology
Geospatial Resources
Maps surface geology, examines fossils, and identifies minerals.Administers MDEM, Energy Library, and GIS coordination activities.

Publications and Map Sales
Sells geologic and topographic maps.

Direct Links
List of Publications of the Office of Geology

Energy Library — searchable database of oil and gas well and field information

Coastal Geology - Coastal Resource and GIS data

MDEM - Mississippi Digital Earth Model

Useful Links
Mississippi State Board of Registered Professional Geologists (MSBRPG)

Association of American State Geologists (AASG)

United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Office of Surface Mining (OSM)

Contact Information

Click here for the Office of Geology staff directory.

Street Address:
700 North State St.
Jackson, MS 39202
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Receptionist, (601) 961-5500
Publication Sales, (601) 961-5523
Fax, (601) 961-5521

Mailing Address for Inquiries:
Office of Geology
P. O. Box 2279
Jackson, MS 39225
Mailing Address for Orders:
DEQ - Accounts Receivable
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